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Encapsulated fiberglass prevents man made fibers which maybe a physical irritant, from entering the building's environment. In addition, the encapsulated material greatly improves the over-all absorption of sound energy.

Different Facings for Different Applications

CMA products can be decorative as well as functional, benefiting the architecture of an interior space. Five different types of facings are available in many colors. All facings are rated non-combustible, class A in accordance with the ASTM E-84. Sound absorption provides many different results depending on the mounting, the thickness of the fiberglass medium, and the density per cubic foot of the fiberglass.




Cost Per Sabin?

We know that you're concerned about building costs per square foot. The cost per BTU or KWH can have a real impact on the budget -- how about the cost per Sabin?

We've developed a family of acoustical materials designed specifically for educational and recreational projects that are manufactured to deliver more Sabins of absorption to a space for less dollars per Sabin than any other architectural materials.

Plus, they look good, are environmentally friendly, and don't support mold or mildew. Most importantly, they are easy to install. That translates to low installed costs.

Acoustical Information > View PDF here

Recommended Reverberation Time > View PDF here

Tips for Treatment of Excessive Reverberation > View PDF here

Baffle Spacing vs. Performance > View PDF here

Sound Pressure Levels > View PDF here

Acoustical Consultants

In unusual space configurations or with large areas to treat, always consider the employment of an Architectural Acoustical Consultant.

They are professionals with the experience and understanding to solve major problem which might go far beyond reverberation time. In almost every case, their fees are well worth the cost.

A list of Acoustical Consultants in North America is available upon request from CMA.


Acoustical Test Information

We have available, upon request from CMA or your local CMA Sales Representative, many acoustical tests that represent applications in ceilings, baffles, wall panels tight against the wall, or with an air space behind the panel. In addition, our Sales Representatives are equipped to provide an Acoustical Analysis of the space considered for acoustical treatment.

Accessories & Mounting Options

CMA has the experience and engineering capabilities to suggest several methods of applications and mountings - whether it's a wall application with Z-members, channels, aircraft cable, turnbuckles or beam hangers - we'll recommend the correct application for your acoustical needs.



CMA Provides finished products that are the lowest cost products specifically designed for acoustics. Budget material and installed cost are available upon request.

Specifications >

CMA Wall Panels & Baffles Specs - View PDF here

CMA Banner Specs - View PDF here

CMA Quiet Coordinates Specs - View PDF here

The problem is noise. The solution is CMA.


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